The Borman Factor

the borman factor

Welcome to the Nick Borman series of thrillers!

An Exciting New Series

The first book in the exciting new Nick Borman series of thrillers has just been released.

A member of the wealthy and influential Piermont family is brutally murdered in broad daylight on a bright sunny day in suburban Toronto. Two weeks after the assassination authorities still have no witnesses, no leads and no motive for the crime.

Computer chip manufacturing mogul Bill Piermont hires Nick Borman, a specialist in corporate espionage with a reputation of getting the job done, to bring the killer to justice. A tangled web of deceit unfolds as Borman discovers greed and corruption at the highest level.

From city hall to the depths of Toronto’s criminal underworld, Nick Borman is in hot pursuit of a cold blooded killer. Will Nick get the killer or will he become the next victim? The Borman Factor is the first book in the exciting new mystery series of Nick Borman thrillers

High-Tension Suspense

The Borman Factor is a gripping tale of greed, corruption, blackmail and murder.

A Riveting Series You Don’t Want To Miss

The Borman Factor is the first book in the exciting new series of Nick Borman thrillers! Now available on Amazon here..

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