Some Rules Are Meant To Be Broken

dialogue tags can ruin a story

One of my pet peeves as a reader is the overuse of dialogue tags. I find unnecessary dialogue tags to be awkward and clunky. They slow the natural flow of the conversation and past a certain point, the technique begins to insult my intelligence. It is a rule in writing that all dialogue should have tags either before or after …

Jinxed – A Nick Borman Thriller Book 2

Unrecoverable - A Nick Borman Thriller Book 2

That’s me, hard at work on book 2 of The Nick Borman series. The working title is Jinxed Synopsis: Shelton Montgomery should be on top of the world. He’s been named Man of the Year and he’s on the cover of Time Magazine. The shares for his company SML Labs should be skyrocketing, but they’re not – they’re plummeting, probably …

Does That Make Sense

does that make sense

I’ve just finished the first draft of The Borman Factor. It’s pretty exciting if you’re an author. Check the spelling, a few small edits and hit publish, right? We all wish it was that easy, but there’s still a lot of work to be done. It’s hard to resist the urge to get it out and move on to the …


How Many Tweets Per Day

how many tweets per day

Here’s a question more people should ask: How many tweets per day is too many? While there is no one definitive answer, experts seem to think that 10 to 15 a day is optimal for most people or businesses. That figure might double if you have a large following or are a very public figure. I was asking the question …

A Better WordPress Theme!

a better wordpress theme

Every time I start a new website, I always look around for that perfect theme. You know, that one theme that’s user friendly, has all the features you could want, isn’t too expensive and LOOKS GREAT! Have I found it yet? It’s too early to tell. The jury’s still out! What I can tell you is that I am now …