Unrecoverable – A Nick Borman Thriller Book 2

Unrecoverable - A Nick Borman Thriller Book 2

That’s me, hard at work on book 2 of The Nick Borman series. The working title is Unrecoverable


A prototype computer chip is missing. It turns up on the black market in Russia where Imperial Auction Services, purveyors of high value stolen goods, is about to sell the revolutionary chip to the highest bidder.

Nick Borman is sent to a secret research facility in Berlin to find out who is responsible for the theft and to recover the prototype and accompanying research and plans.

A trail of blackmail and murder leads Nick to $2,000 a night call girls, mobsters in Berlin, corrupt former KGB agents and millionaire racketeers in Russia.

Unrecoverable is Book 2 in the Nick Borman series

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