Jinxed A Nick Borman Novel


Book 2

Shelton Montgomery is Time Magazine’s Man of the Year. He’s America’s poster boy and everyone’s saying he could be the next President of the United States. But all is not well …

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Borman Factor

Book 1

Bill Piermont wants Borman to find the killer no matter who it is or how much it costs. Borman is on a collision course and the body count keeps growing the closer he gets to a cold-blooded killer.

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Web of Deceit

Book 3

The crime made no sense. Nothing was stolen, only burned. But when you have a long list of enemies, there’s bound to be someone who wants you dead.
The question was who?

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The Patriot

Book 4

Someone is blowing up oil wells in Texas. Gas prices triple and tempers are short. Anytime you mix extremists and explosives, you can count on one thing … the unexpected.

Available Sept. 1/2019